Nathalie Meusy

Expert in sustainability

Nathalie Meusy, lawyer and sociologist by education, spent most of her career at ESA (the European Space Agency). In 2007 while in charge of the social policies, she launched the Sustainable Development corporate activity. It was a first in the space sector at international level. ESA thus committed towards sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility both as an organisation but also as a space agency and acted accordingly. ESA paved the way for other space players (NASA, European national space agencies and industry as well). 
Nathalie Meusy has always worked towards more engagement and actions in the field of sustainability and in particular for the protection of the planet. She contributed to numerous projects and events to raise awareness especially amongst the general public (i.e: side events of COP21, COP22, G7 Environment in 2019…). She organised the first Citizens’ debate in 2016 to open a direct dialogue on space and societal issues with citizens from the 22 Member States of ESA. In 2016 too, she contributed to “The Safe Operating Space (SOS) Treaty” and became part of the Common Home of Humanity project with Paulo Magalhães supporting the key role of space in the observation, protection and governance of the Earth.