Christopher Colaw

Senior Manager - LOCKHEED MARTIN

Chris Colaw is the Senior Manager of Quality & Mission Success at Lockheed Martin and the architect of the Aeronautics Quality Technology vision which delivers Quality 4.0 capabilities, most commonly in the field of inspection, Non-Destructive Testing and Artificial Intelligence, which reduce the cost and span associated with aircraft inspection.

Chris leads projects internally and through international university engagement to develop aerial drone based inspection methods that include machine vision and collision avoidance, crawler drone based inspections that include machine vision and anti-access capability, and many other adjacent and new market solutions to enhance Aeronautics' capability to provide safe and accurate inspections.

Chris serves as the Chairman of the Southern Methodist University (SMU) Mechanical Engineering Industrial Advisory Board, and is a Board Member of the University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP) Industrial, Manufacturing, and Systems Engineering (IMSE) Industrial Advisory Board.  Chris has been a recurring speaker since 2018 with the American Society of Quality on the topic of Quality 4.0 at such gatherings such as world conferences, summits, online TV and webinar spots, and was also featured by Fast Company online magazine as part of the Innovation 360 segment which focused on Lockheed Martin in 2019.